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you ever wanna wear a daring outfit but it’s still the beginning of the school year and you’re like no…. … … not this soon … theyre not ready …… . but i will have my time of glory . . . .

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"As a Republic dedicated to liberty and justice for all, this Nation cannot deny equal status to women."

On August 22, 1974, President Ford signed a proclamation designating August 26 as Women’s Equality Day. That date honored the incorporation of the Nineteenth Amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote, into the Constitution on August 26, 1920.

In the proclamation President Ford noted his previous backing of the Equal Rights Amendment and his intention to continue supporting it. “Today I want to reaffirm my personal commitment to that amendment,” he stated. “The time for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment has come just as surely as did the time for the 19th Amendment.”

Representatives Yvonne Brathwait Burke (D-Calif), Barbara Jordan (D-Tex), Elizabeth Holtzman (D-NY), Marjorie S. Holt (R-Md), Leonor K. Sullivan (D-Mo), Cardiss Collins (D -Ill), Corinne C. Boggs (D-La), Margaret M. Heckler (R-Mass), Bella S. Abzug (D-NY), Shirley Chisholm (D-NY), Ella T. Grasso (D-Conn), Patricia Schroeder (D-Colo), and Patsy T. Mink (D-Hawaii) attended the signing ceremony held in the Cabinet Room. First Lady Betty Ford and Anne Armstrong, Counsellor to the President, were also present for the signing.

In commemoration of Women’s Equality Day, the National Archives (usnatarchives)  is hosting a discussion in partnership with the Sewall-Belmont House and Museum

Women’s History on the Horizon: The Centennial of Woman Suffrage in 2020 

Tuesday, August 26, at 7 p.m. at the William G. McGowan Theatre

Can’t make it? The discussion will be streamed at:

Another lesson failed to have been taught in our schools

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  • interviewer: guess which 3 albums were top selling in the UK last year
  • ed: adele, one direction and me
  • interviewer: yeah! how about that! ... though how could one direction beat you?
  • ed: they've got a huge fanbase
  • interviewer: yeah, they've got a good song as well. "little things", have you heard of it?
  • ed: my bank balance has

“Life is funny. Things change, people change, but you will always be you, so stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone.” 

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